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How long does a double proxy marriage take?

Let's debunk the myths.

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Two weeks. Two days. One website even says they conducted one in three hours. That’s definitely a stretch and the marriage was probably not by proxy but none the less, every site, every FAQ, and every article claim something different. So how long really?

Several factors go into the actual timing. The first is how long it takes the two fiancés to complete the necessary forms, get them notarized, and then sent back to the company officiating the marriage. Each of the fiancés must get two forms notarized – a power of attorney which provides permission for the company to hold the marriage and a marriage affidavit which identifies their approval of the actual people standing as proxy.

If one or both of the fiancés uses an in-person Notary Public, this will stretch out the time. Both, however, can use an on-line virtual notary which saves quite a bit of time but also has a fee charged with each signature. They must also complete their marriage application form with all of their personal information such as birth date, social security numbers, and parents’ personal data.

Once the marriage company gets the forms back, much of the timing is now on them. That is, how responsive are they? Are they willing to work evenings and weekends on your marriage? You get the idea; it is sort of out of the fiancés’ hands at this point.

So, what’s next? Once the company has reviewed the documents for accuracy, they are printed and hand-carried by the proxies to the Clerk of the District Court’s office. Some District Courts – those with large backloads or many marriage applications to address – can take several days to process and send the marriage license back to the company. Some smaller courts will process all the forms right away and hand the marriage license directly back to the proxies. In the latter case, the marriage ceremony can be conducted that same day.

Once the service has taken place and vows have been made, the officiant or minister and the proxies sign the license and it is returned to the Court. Again, if a busy Court, it could take a few more days before the marriage certificates are received. If not busy, it is possible to get the certificates that same day. Another factor, of course, are weekends and holidays when the District Courts are closed.

Saying all this, we recently had a couple contact us on Saturday, they got everything notarized on-line on Sunday, were married by proxy on Tuesday morning and had their marriage certificate copies in hand by noon that same day. They received their original marriage certificates by certified mail on Thursday. It can be done that fast!

Double Proxy Marriage Pricing

The right price for you, whoever you are

We offer two varied marriage packages.



The paper option takes a bit longer and requires each of you to visit a notary in person or pay to use an electronic notary service. Fees include the following:

  • Required forms

  • Two proxies to stand in for each of you

  • Marriage service

  • All filing and license fees

  • Two copies of your Marriage Certificate

  • Expedited shipping of marriage license

Online Express


The online express marriage helps expedite the process and get the two of you married as quick as possible! All that comes with a "paper" marriage plus:

  • Electronic fillable forms

  • 24/7 Virtual notary service

  • No need to mail documents

  • Short turn around time

  • Documents usually filed within 2-3 business days

  • Expedited shipping of marriage license


Reserve a spot and pay the rest later for as little as $299.

Note: If one of you is a foreign national, please visit the US Citizen and Immigration Services Website for immigration policies and procedures. Also, the State of Montana requires a certified Apostille document when marrying a foreign national that includes an additional $40 fee that can be added to your payment at checkout. MT Proxy Marriages will provide you with the Apostille document upon completion of your marriage.

Have questions? Please email or phone anytime. 406-585-0297

Frequently asked questions

Double proxy marriage is a process allowed in Montana for residents and active members of the military. In a double proxy marriage, the couple signs their right-of-attorney over to two stand-ins who get married for them by signing the marriage license in front of an officiant. Neither member of the couple or even the officiant is ever together in the same room during the wedding. The marriage is legal and recognized in all states, except Iowa. Several other states, including California, Texas and Colorado allow for single-proxy marriages where one member of the couple is present whereas Montana is the only state that allows for neither to be present.

Any couple where one person is active duty military or any couple where one person is a Montana resident.

The benefits of a proxy marriage are the same as a face-to-face marriage. Some of the financial perks include:

  • Joint Bank Accounts
  • Health Insurance
  • Paternity child benefits
  • Increased Borrowing Power
  • File Together for Income Tax Benefits.
  • Retirement savings
  • Estate planning

The list of benefits for married armed forces personnel is quite long including:

  • Free Healthcare
  • Housing Assistance
  • VA Home Loan eligibility
  • Free Legal Assistance
  • Dependency & Indemnity Compensation
  • Educational Scholarships, Loans, Grants
  • Luxury Armed Forces Recreation Resorts
  • Space Contingent Free Military Air Travel
  • Tax-free Shopping at “The Exchange”
  • Tax-free grocery shopping at “The Commissary”

Either or both of you can be outside of the country as long as you meet the requirements of one of you either being in the Armed Services or a Montana resident. And, you both must be able to return the required forms and paperwork.

Yes, all LGBTQ marriages are allowed by law in the State of Montana and we can marry you.

If you should change your mind about your marriage, we will refund you your original payment minus any credit card or Notary processsing fees.